EMF meters to assess your radiation exposure

Measuring EMF radiation exposure yourself can be done without an professional but clearly has its limitations and depends largely on the meter you use and how well you understand what you are doing. In this article we’ll discuss a few good amateur EMF meters you should consider.

EMF meter measure different things. They measure them differently and with varying degrees of accuracy. Some are worth having, others not at all. Some cheaper meters will be less accurate, whilst others fail to indicate anything until a high level is encountered. If you are going to gather some information about your EMF radiation exposure, then you owe it to yourself to get a meter that makes sense.

What should an EMF meter measure?

There are 3 types of radiation that are often the main interest.

  • Magnetic fields (MF)
  • Electric fields (EF)
  • Radio frequency radiation (RF)
  • Magnetic field exposure

Magnetic field come from current. The use of electricity. They are important because, unless they are cause by internal wiring faults, they are often unfixable and can’t be protected against by shielding materials. Magnetic fields are important to measure in any home, but especially when buy or renting a home home or buying land to build on, this is vitally important to assess and avoid!

A good quality EMF meter with a 3-axis measurement ability of magnetic fields will often be the deciding factor when selection of a new home or land is the main reason for buying the meter.

Measuring electric field exposure with an amateur meter


Electric fields are present in most homes and we consider it a major burden to sleep quality. It should be assessed on the body itself but most amateur EMF meters don’t allow this.

The punchline is that most amateur EMF meters won’t show you this exposure properly, will under-play it because they are not sensitive enough or measure the air.

Electric fields are also ‘dynamic’ in that they can move and as they want to go to ground. If you hold an EMF meter measuring electric fields, you body is already changing the readings. Take it from us, that if you are anywhere near an electrical wire or appliance (2 meter / 6 foot distance) that you are exposed to electric fields at a level that, in a bedroom, we would want to desperately fix for you.

Radio Frequency radiation (RF) measurement with an EMF meter

If finding sources of RF radiation is your main interest because of smart meters, cell phone towers, or the introduction of 5G, then this function may be your guiding feature for your purchase.

RF should be assessed on the body and this is what we do professionally. The body is a big antenna and so this indicated the level of exposure better and shows the need for protection better, than measuring the air. Pretty much all amateur meters measure the air though, so you’ll just have to realise the body would likely show you worrying levels even when an air assessments shows medium or even low levels.

RF has different frequencies. Let’s say from the Megahertz to Gigahertz ranges. Most EMF meters which do have RF capabilities (not all do) measure up into the Gigahertz (GHz) range. The further they go, the better it would be, but the old ‘too good to be true’ also applies in this industry I’m afraid. Cheap (U$100) meters that measure to 8Ghz sound too good to be true.

Alphalab’s TF2 multi field EMF meter with 3-axis magnetic field capabilities

If magnetic fields is your primary interest, then the TF2 is likely your best purchase. Having come from the well known Trifield meter family, magnetic fields was always it’s strong suit.

The TF2 has a standard and weighted mode for magnetic (and electric fields). Use standard normally. The online course we recommend you do will explain the modes in greater detail.

For RF the meter goes up to a large 6Ghz range which is lovely and contains many RF frequencies including phone tower radiation, including 5G tower-to-phone signals.

With a robust design, the TF2 is likely going to be in your family for a long time and be shared with family members. It has light, audio and user replaceable 9V battery.

TF2 Course Online

You want to know what you can do with your TF2 and know how to hold it properly too. For a minor investment you can do an online course that will teach you a lot about EMF radiation in general and know what to assess for. The TF2 course also shows you your TF2 in action in existing home and vacant properties.
Investigate the TF2 course now

CORNET ED88T Plus – Multi field EMF meter with single-axis magnetic field capabilities

If RF radiation is your primary interest then the Cornet ED88T plus will give you a bit wider frequency range and some added functions for RF.

The wider range in RF lets you ‘see’ more and the meter also shows you the frequency that is predominant under 2.7Ghz. What may be more useful is the exposure graph it has. This graph shows the levels of the last few moments and so, sometimes when people are sensitive and ‘felt’ something a moment ago, they can look at the graph and see if something happened a moment ago.

For magnetic fields the Cornet ED88T plus only offers single-axis measurement which means you have to move it on different angles on every location you want to assess and then a formula should be applied. In reality hardly anyone would do that and so you have to be a bit mindful that magnetic fields may be represented less well.

The ED88T Plus has a slimmer light weight design, easy to keep in your pocket. It also has lighting and a graph of LEDs that can show levels related to green yellow red. Out of the box these levels are way to lenient and levels of concern are still shown as green. You can change this in setting though.

Cornet ED88T Plus Course Online

You want to know what you can do with your ED88T and know how to hold it properly too. For a small investment you can do an online course that will teach you a lot about EMF radiation in general and know what to assess for. The ED88T Plus course also shows you your ED88T Plus in action in existing home and vacant properties.
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