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Electronic pollution is fast coming to the forefront as the most important health crisis we face.

Thousands of peer reviewed papers have been written on this topic. Even at low levels health consequences have been noted. Federal guidelines are set much higher than what the detrimental health effects of radiation are seen at.

Some of these health challenges are:

• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Autoimmune
• High blood pressure
• Decreased immune function
• Acoustic neuroma
• Childhood leukemia
• Impaired male fertility
• Neuropsychiatric symptoms


What type of radiation are we exposed to?

High frequency radiation- baby monitors, cellphones, wifi routers, cellphone towers, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, smart meters

Low frequency radiation- any electrical appliance, wiring errors, transmission lines

Electric fields-wiring in walls, lights, laptop computers (both electric and low frequency)

Dirty electricity- PLC smart meters, solar systems, CFL and some led lights

Geopathic stress-this is natural radiation caused by fault lines, water veins, etc.

Work with a Geovital consultant

Geovital is fast becoming a global authority on how to address radiation in the home and work environments. Based in Austria, Geovital started out as a natural health clinic over 35 years ago. Since then, they have developed protocols to deal with the many health challenges faced by our modern technology driven lives.


Patient/client centered professional assessment

What happens during an assessment? To begin with, I will explain what to expect during the assessment, and address any questions or concerns you may have. I have several types of meters to test various fields. From there, I will start by testing each room, starting with the kitchens, living areas and home office in the house for sources of radiation and electricity. This is done with specialized meters. Suggestions on how to solve any concerns in each area will be addressed. From there, I will test the bedrooms. The bedrooms are a primary focus since it is where we sleep. During sleep our bodies heal. By removing the electronic stress the body has during sleep allows healing to take place. A special meter, which is used to test the body’s electric field exposure, is placed on the foot while the patient/client is on their bed. The voltage of the body is measured. Testing the body for exposure, rather than just the air gives a more accurate reading of the electronic stress the body is under.
Once each room has been assessed, I will sit down with you and explain the findings, and what steps are advised to reduce or eliminate exposure. You will receive a report of the findings. Together we can build a strategy to address the bedrooms and other areas of concern for radiation exposure.

About this Process

A proper assessment for EMF radiation in the home is likely to take about 2.5 to 3.5 hours. It involves the people that live there and together with the consultant, you will measure and find out what may need improvement in your home.

It is important that both partners are there to witness this, as you will simply be unable to explain what you’ve found to partners that weren’t there.

Assessment may include:

  • Assessment of area around the home
  • Magnetic field exposure outside and inside the home
  • Electric field exposure in the home and specifically the bedroom
  • Radio Frequency (RF) radiation from inside and outside sources
  • Geopathic stress assessment of sleeping areas
  • Consultation on mitigation solutions.

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Here a few common questions. It’s a lot to take in… we’re here to help you.

How long does an assessment take?

Of course, this varies depending on the home, the number of bedrooms and the potential problems we may uncover. As a rough guide, expect 2.5 to 4 hours and sometimes longer.

Do you sell products at the end?

We have a select range of solutions available to our health clients, of which most were carefully crafted by our clinic to fit in a wholistic approach to health. You are under no obligation to purchase anything although it can be empowering to take the bull by the horns and start making a change.

Which products do you recommend?

Based on our experience, the products made by our team at GEOVITAL have shown to maximise the opportunity for the desired outcomes. We have great experience with them and a great reputation. I’d urge you to use them as well where and when needed.

Can kids be present during the assessment?

Yes, they can, but be aware of the duration that an assessment can take. It’s often helpful to have a family member who doesn’t live in the home, present to tend to the kids if needed. It will be insightful to also test the exposure to the children whilst they are in bed. Certainly not to scare them, but more to let mum and dad know what may be affecting them.

It is expensive to fix EMFs in a home?

First, we need to find out what is going on. Once we know what needs to be addressed, we can see what the ideal plan of action would be. It may not be needed, but to shield one bedroom for example might be similar in value as a year’s supply of vitamins or a new iPhone. It keeps working for you for years to come and have a profound effect on sleep quality.

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